Family Photos by the Awesome Crawleys

A few months ago when we were looking to have some new family photos done we turned to Liam Crawley ( and ) who had previously been our wedding photographer.  As such, we knew exactly what to expect with Liam (and Bee, his wife who is responsible for the post-shoot editing).  He’s a great, down to earth, easy-going guy but more importantly he’s one truly talented photographer who has won numerous regional and national awards for his work.  All we said to him was that we are a family that loves the great outdoors and allowed him to select a location and work his magic.

This took us to Formby Point National Trust.  Liam had explained that the location offered lots of different scenery, from forest to beach, to make the photos more interesting.  He specialises in the reportage style of photography which is something that we felt would be perfect to document us as a family in as natural a way as possible.  Jesse and Amelie’s nan also came along to celebrate her birthday which was an added bonus.  We were fortunate to be blessed with a beautiful sunny day despite it still being very early spring and, as you can see from the photos, I think it’s fair to say that he captured our love for each other and the outdoors.  We really can’t recommend him highly enough!  So here’s just a little snapshot of what we got…


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